5 Habits That Singers Have To Improve Their Voices

5 Habits That Singers Have To Improve Their Voices

Every singer has their own habits that ensure that their voices remain as great as possible. Sure we do have auto-tune and editing to ensure the voices remain in pitch and are exceptional, however those techniques can only do so much. The rest has to rely on the singers voice and there are certain habits that they do outside of intense practicing.

Today we will be looking at some particular habits that singers have to improve their voices. These practices help in keeping your voice in check and are the habits that successful singers practice every single day.

Less Overworry, More Confidence In Your Voice

Of course the performance of an artist varies from day to day, however one thing that separates the amateur to a profession is the understanding of that. A professional singer who understands their voice through and through will be in more control and not as likely to worry about it compared to someone who lacks that.

This is key as we naturally use pitches to convey certain emotions. Naturally we raise our voices when we yell by getting angry. We get shy and reserved when we speak lower. The same case happens with singing. If you worry so much it shows in your singing performance.

Avoid Panicking When You Get Sick

Avoid Panicking When You Get Sick

We all get sick, but when you are a singer and have to perform it can leave grounds of uneasiness and panic. Instead put some effort in minimizing the symptoms. Furthermore take some more preventative measures to ensure you don’t get sick in the future.

Practice The ‘Vocal Monk’

If you plan on performing a lot through tours or for longer than usual periods of time, practice the vocal monk. What this means is you are limiting the amount in which you speak prior to the performance to reduce the strain on your vocal cords. In the end you want to ensure you either have minimal talking or ideally no talking outside of the performances. Furthermore you must never yell or scream as that’ll strain your vocal cords even further.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

We all know how smoking impacts a person voice, however it’s not just smoking that affects that. A lot of singers these days live a very healthy lifestyle. It’s very rare for them to party every night, and drink and eat whatever they want. No, they treat themselves like an athlete before a game. Even when they are not performing.

Express Gratitude

The last habit that successful singers have is they express gratitude for their gift. Believe it or not, not every person has the ability to sing, let alone sing well. Some will never have the opportunity to sing at all.

It’s this particular gift that singers have that they should be grateful for and they are. Most of them devote some time during the day to express their thanks. Thanks that they could sing, that their training has paid off, and that they can perform and do what they love. And above all they express their gratitude for being able to share their talents with the world.


These habits don’t just apply to singers, they apply to aspiring singers or simply other people who look up to singers. In our own ways singers are people we an aspire to be or get motivated from, they are our voice in some sense. So who wouldn’t want to pick up these habits?