7 Facts About Beyoncé

7 Facts About Beyoncé

Beyoncé is a woman with many talents. She’s a singer, a performer, an actress, a writer, a philanthropist, and a diva. She is literally a megastar and is adored and provides inspiration to many people.

That being said there is a lot more to her than what her loyal fans idolize her for. Below are but a few interesting things about her and her incredible life.

Her First Album

Many first albums signify a good debut for a lot of large bands but did you know that Beyoncé’s debut album netted her 5 Grammy Awards! Seriously this is by far one of the best starts to a musical career and certainly enough to prove that talent was with Beyoncé from the very beginning.

Highest Paid Woman

Her First AlbumNot only does have incredible talent, but she was also been labeled as the highest paid performer in the world. This label came to be when she made a five-minute performance at a 2010 New Year’s party  in St. Bart’s. She asked for £1.25 million ($1.66 million USD equivalent today).

Accolades When She Was 7

Talent truly followed her wherever she went. At the age of 7 she won her first talent show through singing. Her song of choice: “Imagine” by John Lennon. Her performance was so good she received a standing ovation.

Beyoncé’s Favourite Number

Any die-hard fan would know Beyoncé’s favourite number is 4, however not many know the reason why. All you have to do is look a little more at her personal life. Coincidentally her birthday is on September 4th while both her mother and father’s birthdays land on January 4th and December 4th. Lastly she married her husband Jay-Z on the fourth month of the fourth day, April 4th.

Entrepreneur Skills

Entrepreneur Skills

Beyoncé is a woman with many skills and from those, she also has great business sense. You might know she has her own line of fragrances and perfumes that are a massive success in their own respects. That being said, Beyoncé also has a clothing line called House of Dereon which is also operated by her mother.

Her Struggles

Honestly there were not many times where she had a seemingly rough time. When she was younger she was teased for her ears oddly enough. There was also a point in her musical career where she had a falling out with her long-standing boyfriend at the time along with some band members. In the end though these were but small setbacks as Beyoncé is still a diva in all respects and she made a massive comeback when she got back on her feet.

Record Breaker

Record Breaker

Another fun fact about her is that she has managed to break a world record. In 2011 during the performance of ‘Love on Top,’ Beyoncé announced that she was pregnant. From that announcement alone, there were a total of 8,868 tweets sent per second making this even the “most tweets per second recorded for a single event.”


We could go on and on about many of Beyoncé’s great achievements. From receiving a variety of awards and other titles it’s clear that she is an incredible woman capable of anything she sets her mind to. What other facts do you know about her that we didn’t cover? Let’s hear some more in the comments below!